Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Moonis Elahi Concerned About Loyal Govt Officers

Moonis Elahi Concerned About Loyal Govt Officers

PMLN has always set new records of corruption whenever it gains power. They have been accused time and again of misusing the state's institutions and looting tax money. As panama papers have also identified Nawaz Sharif's huge wealth in the name of his family, his corruption still does not cease. In the wake of his incompetence to rule the country with fairness, patriotic and loyal Govt officials are finding it hard to work under PMLN's rule. 

Due to their embezzlement's institutions aren't allowed to work as per their needs and at the end they get blamed which is a serious concern. at first it was the Chairman WAPDA resigned due to their negative policies and now Neelum Jehlum CEO has quit owing to Government policies.

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