Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Honest Govt Officials Find it Hard to Work with PMLN's Corrupt Policies

Neelum Jehlum project CEO resigned -Moonis Elahi

N League is one of the biggest political parties in Pakistan and has been in government a number of times. As of now, the party's premier stands guilty of corruption by transferring money to his children's offshore companies using illegal methods to avoid money trail and also to avoid taxes. 

Moonis Elahi has condemned the malpractice applied by the PMLN's top leadership to plunder on taxpayers money for their personal gains.
Their (PMLN leadership's) greed has no limit and as they have been exposed, they still haven't stopped their looting spree. WAPDA's chairman, being an honest official didn't allow the incumbent government to use the organization's money which created a constant dispute between him and the PMLN leadership. 

As a last resort the chairman could do nothing but resign to distance himself from the looting that goes on in WAPDA at PMLN's behest. Following his lead the Neelum Jehlum project CEO has also resigned as he too wasn't in favor of letting Nawaz Sharif's goons malign his reputation.

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