Thursday, September 29, 2016

Moonis Elahi and PMLQ's Mega Project Lahore Sports City Axed by PMLN's Vindictive Policy

No nation can flourish unless it is provided adequate opportunities to earn freely. Roti, Kapra and Makan is not just a slogan to win votes, they are the very basic needs of every citizen of a country and unless they are provided with opportunities to earn them in a respectable manner a nation cannot progress. While the slogan was used in the past to arouse sentiments of the nation and simply gain attention for political gains, Moonis Elahi and the leadership of PMLQ actually tried to turn this slogan into a reality in the form of Lahore Sports City. Conceived by PMLQ in 2005, it was one such concrete effort to provide the city of Lahore with a sustainable source of decent livelihood. The mega project was not only aimed to further beautify Lahore, but to also provide a huge business opportunity to the city. moonis-elahi-youtube

Moonis Elahi's Vision on Growth and Development Moonis Elahi is a Wharton Business School USA graduate and strongly believes in sustainable development through achievable and measurable goals. It was due to his vision for growth and prosperity of the region that he participated actively with his father Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, leader of PMLQ in creating novel and highly profitable ventures and Lahore Sports City was also such venture. 

The project was put on the table in the parliament and it was agreed that upon completion it would be able to create up to 100,000 annual job opportunities. The project was to be completed by 2011 and aimed to provide 20,000 homes based on contemporary architecture equipped with modern amenities can only be seen in the developed countries.   Foreign Investment To Fund The Project As Pakistan was progressing at break neck speed in all sectors, but still it suffered backlashes from the doings of previous governments. To make the project a reality, an unprecedented agreement was signed between the Punjab government and the brotherly Islamic country of United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE agreed to invest Rs. 12 billion in the project which could ultimately make Lahore Sports City Asia's ultra modern housing project. It's proposed site was on the bank of river Ravi and the project spanned over 600 acres of land. 

The idea to construct it by the historical river was to provide an added attraction and also to preserve the river. Being a firm supporter of environment preservation, Moonis Elahi played an important role to convince investors to set up a state of the art water purification plant on the river Ravi so as to introduce clean water instead of the sewage falling as of now. PMLQ's efforts had brought peace in Punjab making it a calm and visibly progressive province. Considering the various ongoing projects and their progress in the province, investors were obvious that Punjab was an investment friendly province. To his great disappointment, Moonis Elahi feels PMLN's vindictive policy to dump the project has denied a huge investment opportunity in Lahore.

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