Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moonis Elahi Condemns PIA Corruption Filled Airplane Purchases

Moonis Elahi Condemns PIA Corruption

The recent deal of Iran Air for the purchase of 100 passenger planes with Airbus has exposed the corruption within PIA. The deal clearly highlighted purchasing the new airplanes at half the cost of what the national flag carrier reported on the purchase of second hand air planes. Moonis Elahi condemned the corruption that has come to light in view of the deal with Iran's national flag carrier. Paying double the price of a new airplane to purchase second hand airplanes clearly exposes the level of corruption within the institution. The deal-makers should be apprehended and questioned for the waste of money.
PIA already suffers huge criticism on how it operates by the nation. The crash of PK661 has created an outrage by the public over the pathetic conditions of the planes being used. Moonis Elahi said PIA has thousands of staff who are being paid every month from the national exchequer but they aren't performing. Being hired on political affiliations has ruined the institution because there are not only more people appointed than is needed, they have formed unions within which do not let them work but indulge in politics. It is high time the government must take action against all those who do not meet the criteria and filter the black sheep within.

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