Friday, November 18, 2016

PMLN Has Taken More Loans In Last 3 Years Than Ever Recorded In History

PMLN Has Taken More Loans In Last 3 Years Than Ever Recorded In History

PMLN has broken all records of the past and it has become the first ever to take $24 Billion in loanMoonis Elahi sarcastically praised the government to set a new record. The infamous "Kashkol" lives on and the incumbent government seems to have made it one of their most prized possessions. 

While on one end the PMLN media representatives glorify their supreme leader of being of the most successful PM ever, the facts go against these false claims. We can still hear Nawaz Sharif's pre election speeches ringing in our ears as if it were just yesterday when he bashed Zardari accusing him of taking the Kashkol to beg for loans, now he is doing the same but even more aggressively.

PMLQ's young politician Moonis Elahi is no mathematician or economist but when he says the economy is wrecked due to excessive debt servicing policy of the PMLN, he isn't wrong in pointing out the grave danger that lies ahead. While most seasoned politicians say they do not consider the young politicians worthy to be heard, it is the very attitude which is leading Pakistan towards its economic destruction. It is common sense that when you take loans at a hefty price and instead of repaying it, borrow some more and keep on taking loans the economy will be ruined and it will take many generations to repay the debt and live a harsh life.

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