Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moonis Elahi Supports Movement Against Corrupt Politicians

Moonis Elahi Supports Movement Against Corrupt Politicians

Islamabad High Court (IHC) tells protestors to remain peaceful and to hold demonstration in a designated area instead of locking down the capital. Moonis Elahi and the leadership of PMLQ are in favor of holding peaceful protests but despite IHC's orders, police all over Punjab are abducting political workers and leaders. When laws are defied by law enforcers at PMLN's behest, there are little chances the protests would be peaceful.
Moonis Elahi applauds IHC Judge Shaukat Siddiqui's court orders to allow the protest to take place, news published in Express Tribune on Monday 31 October 2016. However, PMLN has already aroused tensions across the province by arresting political workers days ahead of the rally. Such vindictive acts by the government despite court's orders makes it impossible for the protestors to remain calm.


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